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About Us

Plusmix continues broad-based services by incorporating into metal cutting and silo manufacturing at its 3000m2 production facility in Kahramankazan, Ankara.

With the activities of business and construction machinery manufacturing, Plusmix Concrete Batching Plants has gained significant experience in sector. ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System Certificate with Plusmix Concrete Batching Plants, GOST-certified concrete plant manufacturing and installation of continuous development and professionalisation itself was the target.

Design, manufacture and supply of parts, complete production quality and workmanship, installation, operation, training and after-sales services of technical service quality and customer-oriented work to exceed the limits of our understanding of Plusmix Concrete Batching Plants, Irak Concrete Plant name of the new government made treaties and agreements with Azerbaijan, intensive beat me in the study, gave us the opportunity to progress quickly in the sector.

Plusmix Concrete Batching Plants performs the production with various stages studiously . Section of the approved project is transferred to customer requests for design work orders are made by expert project team, technical calculations and fabrication drawings completed. Production process; welded fabrication, machining, painting and automation system consists of four main sections. Plusmix Concrete Batching Plants, of the product quality, fully certified welders with the resources of the painting process carefully after sandblasting, high-yield and desired quality of the production of any concrete mixture is designed to be single-or double-shaft mixers, and. My system uses technology provided by Siemens Automation. Siemens automation system at maximum capacity with very high sensitivity can be obtained weighing and dosing.

Production of the four main stage was completed and made ready for delivery from the power plant sites are delivered by our experienced team of our customers, installation and testing is done is done, giving the operator training is delivered.

Concrete Plant “is a complete production facility / concrete factory,” as the Plusmix Concrete Batching Plants R & D and engineering efforts focused on high-quality concrete plant manufacturing and installation. Concrete plant to deliver the highest quality to its customers and all the technical services to its customers full customer satisfaction targets are at Plusmix Concrete Batching Plants.

Customer satisfaction and after sales support, retention and awareness that the most important factor in the success of the Plusmix Concrete Batching Plants, the concrete manufacturing plants, design and assembly, as well as all the necessary technical support and maintenance services, offers its customers 24 / 7 without interruption.

Especially with an attack of its exports in recent years to become one of the leading companies in Turkish industry expert staff that transferred to the new Plusmix Concrete Batching Plants, , each passing day, advanced technology, and recently with the understanding of unlimited service aims to be the world leader in the sector.

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