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Feeding Units

Feeding Units

Due to the structure and design of mobile or stationary concrete plants, the height of the aggregate chamber is quite high. To reduce the cost of creating a single-sided or two-sided feeding ramp, we have developed a mobile aggregate feeding system that allows easy aggregate feeding without the extra cost for the foundation or ramp. The system can be supplied on a wheel basis for mobility or without a wheel base for container transport.

  • Mobile usage and fixed installation options
  • Helps your wheel loader
  • Up to 60% fuel savings in fuel expense used in aggregate loading
  • Remote-controlled
  • Includes night vision camera and TV
Product Features
Dimensions 800 mm x 18.000 mm
Elektrik Motoru 15 kW
Bunker Capacity 6m3
Band Rubber EP 125 800 mm
Aggregate Distributor Gutter
Remote control
Night Vision Camera
Walking Platform
One Sided Walkway

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