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PLUSMIX Concrete Plants accept the Concrete Plant as a “complete production facility / concrete factory” and focused its R&D and Engineering studies on quality concrete plant manufacturing and installation. Aiming to deliver the highest quality concrete plant to its customers and full customer satisfaction, PLUSMIX has adopted the principle of providing all technical services to its customers. Aware of the fact that customer satisfaction and after-sales support are the most important factor in permanence and success, Plusmix Concrete Batching Plants provides all necessary technical service and maintenance services to its customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Plus MT 35 Technical specifications
Compacted Concrete 35 m³/hour
Mixer Mixer Features
Mixer Capacity 0.5 m³
Dry Concrete Capacity 750 lt
Compacted Concrete Capacity 500 lt
Engine Power 18.5 kw
Mixer Type Single Shaft Horizontal Mixer
Agrega Bunkeri
Agrega Bunker Number of Eyes 4
Bunker Eye Capacity 8 m³
Total Bunker Capacity 32 m³
Agrega Tartı Bunkeri
Width 650 mm
Length 3900 mm
Engine Power 11 kw
Mixer Feeding Belt
Width 650 mm
Length 8000 mm
Engine Power 11 kw
Weighing Capacities
Agrega Weighing 1000 kg
Cement Weighing 300 kg
Water Weighing 150 kg
Contribution Weighing 20 kg
Cement Spiral
Spiral Diameter 193 mm
Length 7000-10000 mm
Engine Power 7.5 kw
Cement Silo
Capacity 50-300 ton
Piece 2
Capacity 1100 lt/dk
Working Band 7.5 bar
Storage Volume 7.5 m³
Water Pumb
Capacity 25 m³/hour
Operating pressure 2-4 bar
Storage Volume 1 m³
Total Engine Power
Standard Silo 60 (2 Silo / kw)

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