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PLUS ST 130 concrete batching plant is designed for maximum capacity, flexibility, efficiency and reliability in order to produce all kinds of high quality concrete in mass production. A powerful 3.33 cubic meter double shaft mixer offers a wide range of concrete applications such as RCC (Cylindrical Compacted Engine) road pavement. The wide range of options makes this plant configurable for any particular need.

  • Rugged durable main frame
  • Different mixer options
  • Internal control cabinet Option
  • Multiple Loadcell weighed design
  • Wide access and service
Plus ST 130 Technical specifications
Compacted Concrete 130 m³/hour
Mixer Features
Mixer Capacity 3 m³
Dry Concrete Capacity 4500 lt
Compacted Concrete Capacity 3000 lt
Engine Power 2×55 kw
Mixer Types Çift Milli Yatay Mikser
Agrega Bunker
Agrega Bunker Number of Eyes 4
Bunker Eye Capacity 30-50 m³
Total Bunker Capacity 200 m³
Agrega Weighing Bunker
Width 1000 mm
Length 14000-15000 mm
Engine Power 22 kw
Mixer Feeding Belt
Width 1000 mm
Length 28000-32000 mm
Engine Power 30 kw
Weighing Capacities
Agrega weighing 5000 kg
Cement weighing 2000 kg
Water weighing 1000 kg
Contribution weighing 50 kg
Cement Helezonu
Spiral Diameter 273 mm
Length 7000 mm
Engine Power 15 kw
Cement Silo
Capacity 50-300 ton
Adet 2-4
Capacity 1880 lt/dk
Working Band 7-12 bar
Storage Volume 25 m³
Water Pump
Capacity 50 m³/hour
Operating pressure 2-4 bar
Storage Volume 2×1 m³
Total Engine Power
Standard Silo 215 (2 Silo / kw)

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